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Most of our puppies will range in price from $3,500-$4,500 Canadian (including taxes) on average depending on eye colour, markings and size. Premium puppies that are toy-sized (expected to mature 15 pounds or less) with husky markings and blue eyes will start at $4,500+ Canadian and up. A wait time of 6+ months to obtain a puppy from us is a reasonable timeline. We work off of a Wait List – members of our Wait List have priority selection of our available puppies. More information about the Wait List is at the end of this Application.

Please provide as much details in your answers as possible. Applications that do not provide sufficient details will not be approved.


Due to the high volume of Applications we receive, those Applications with missing or minimal details may not be approved and/or may not receive a response. Please ensure you elaborate on your answers as much as possible.

As a responsible dog owner, and for the safety and well-being of our dogs, it is our expectation that our clients seek professional assistance with behaviours/issues that might be undesirable. The options below lists several undesirable behaviours/traits (Note: this is not a complete list). For this section, assume that these behaviours/traits are not a result of breeding/genetics (covered by our guarantees) and, therefore, would occur due to the *nature of the breed (such as digging, barking, high prey drive, pulling on a leash), **environmental factors (such as medical conditions, special needs) or ***training/lifestyle. Please select the option that you believe is your most likely response to that behaviour/trait.

What is your intention for your Pomsky?

*WAIT LIST INFORMATION* A Reservation Deposits is required to be placed on our Wait List. You do not need to be on our Wait List to select a puppy from us, but members of our Wait List will select puppies from available litters first. The Reservation Deposit is used to determine the selection order of the litter. Some puppies may be held by the breeder to evaluate for future breeding purposes.

The Reservation Deposit will be 100% refunded (without any accumulated interest):

  1. Once you have provided Ontario Pomsky Puppies with proof of spay/neuter of the puppy you have selected from us before the puppy turns 9 months of age, or
  2. If we cannot place a puppy with you for any reason after 12 months from the date you joined the Wait List. The Reservation Deposit is not refundable under any other circumstance.

The Reservation Deposit is not refundable under any other circumstance.

A 6- to 12-month wait is a reasonable timeline for new members of our Wait List to receive a puppy from us. At this time, we have not had any puppies become available outside of our Wait List.

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You will be redirected to a Confirmation page upon pressing Submit. If you have entered all of the required information in detail.

Please allow at least five (5) business days to receive a reply.

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