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Frequently Asked Questions

A Summary of our Puppies and Program

💵 $500.00 refundable deposit to become a member of our Wait List. Pass as much as you would like until you get your perfect puppy or ask for a full refund any time after 12 months on our Wait List

🎯 Embark DNA testing done on parents

🧬 Lifetime health guarantee against breed-relevant genetic disorders from which their parents have been cleared. Extended Breeder health guarantee.

✅ 30 days free Pet Insurance through Trupanion

🩺 Licensed Veterinary Exam and first set of age-appropriate vaccinations around 8 weeks of age. Heat has certificate and documents provided to you to take home

🧭 Microchip and documents provided to you to take home

🐛 Dewormed at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age with veterinary dispensed medications

💩Full fecal panel testing including giardia and coccidia prior to going home

🧸 Puppy pack including food, treats, chews, clean litter pellets (if clients choose to use a litter box) or puppy pads, blanket from mom and more

🐱 Socialized to kids, cats and dogs

🏆 Started on crate work and potty training using litter boxes

🐕 Started on basic commands and obedience (come, sit, drop, gentle, toilet commands, redirection)

📈 Early neurological stimulation and daily one-on-one attention

🌎 Registered with the International Pomsky Association or American Pomsky Kennel Club

📆 Lifetime breeder support and access to training and care resources and a social community of dog owners and enthusiasts within our Keurwood Ontario Pomsky Puppies closed Facebook group page

✈️ We live less than one (1) hour’s drive from Toronto, Ontario Canada. We can use an in-flight puppy nanny that will take the puppy in-cabin to almost any Canadian or International Airport for a fee

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How do I adopt a puppy?

Please fill out our online Qualification Application (will open a new window).

Please take your time when you complete your Application to prevent delays in a response or rejected Applications. We take the utmost care in ensuring we are placing our puppies in homes and environments that we feel will be the most suitable and successful matches for this playful yet challenging breed.

Please note that if you have submitted an Application and it has been returned to you due to insufficient information, please re-read each of the questions and your answers in your Application and look for areas to improve/elaborate upon.

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Can I meet the adult dogs or puppies before I make a selection?

We do offer the opportunity to meet our adult dogs and possibly our puppies (they are more vulnerable to disease so we have a strict visitation protocol), but we do require that any potential visitors first complete our Qualification Application. We will only invite individuals who have been approved through our Qualification Application to visit our dogs. Our property is under video surveillance so any visitors will be recorded. Visitors will be asked to provide a copy of their Driver’s Licence or valid photo ID.

Also, to ensure the safety of our dogs and puppies, you will be asked to disinfect your hands and shoes at our farm, and to provide proof of vaccination for any dog(s) you might current own or come into contact with regularly.

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How does your Wait List work?

Our puppies will be offered to our Waiting List first. Here’s how our Waiting List Works:

  1. We will send you a confirmation that your Qualification Application has been approved.
  2. You will be offered an opportunity to provide a Reservation Deposit following our telephone interview with you and your family.
  3. The Reservation Deposit is used to determine the pet home puppy selection order of the litter (Wait List). Puppies that are being held for future breeding, show or therapeutic purposes will not be available for selection by Wait List members.
  4. The Reservation Deposit will be 100% refunded (without any accumulated interest):
    • Once you have provided Ontario Pomsky Puppies with proof of spay/neuter of the puppy you have selected from us before the puppy turns 9 months of age, or
    • If we cannot place a puppy with you for any reason after 12 months from the date you joined the Wait List. A portion of the Reservation Deposit may be refunded prior to 12 months on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Reservation Deposits are 100% Transferable! If it is your turn to choose a puppy and you would like a puppy from another litter, your Reservation Deposit can be used to choose a puppy from any future litter we have. There is no limit on how long you can stay on our Wait List, or how many times you pass until you find your perfect puppy!

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Do I need to be on your Wait List to get a puppy?

Reservation Deposits are not required to adopt a puppy from us; however, it is strongly recommended as we do not anticipate that many (if any) of our puppies will be available outside of our Wait List at this time. Wait List members are currently experiencing a 6+ month wait time to receive a puppy from us.

Puppies that are not claimed by members on the Waiting List will be available following the Wait List selection process and will be posted on our Available Puppies page.

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How much do your puppies cost?

Most of our puppies will range in price from $3,500-$4,500 Canadian (including taxes) on average depending on eye colour, markings and size. Premium puppies that are toy-sized (expected to mature 15 pounds or less) with husky markings and blue eyes will start at $4,500 Canadian and up.

Please note that we price each puppy individually. The following chart serves as a guide only.

Puppy DescriptionPrice Range*
Piebald (spots) charting** 15+ pounds
White charting** 25+ pounds
A – $3,500-3,800
Husky marked (black, grey, brown) charting** 25+ pounds
Piebald (spots) charting** < 15 pounds
White charting** 15-25 pounds
Merle charting** 25+ pounds
B – $3,800-$4,200
Husky marked (black, grey, brown) charting** 15-24 pounds
White charting** < 15 pounds
Merle charting** 15-25 pounds
C – $4,200-$4,800
Husky marked charting** < 15 pounds
Merle charting** < 15 pounds
Blue or Lavender husky marked charting** 25+ pounds
D – $4,800-$5,500
Blue or Lavender husky marked charting** < 25 poundsE – $5,500+
*All prices include provincial taxes.
**Weight charting is an estimated adult weight only and is calculated by Ontario (Keurwood) Pomskies until the puppy is 8 weeks of age only.

Examples of some of our Puppies:

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How big do your puppies get?

Keeping in mind that the average Pomeranian ranges in size from 3-7 pounds, and the average Siberian Husky ranges in size from 35-60 pounds, it is our breeding goal to produce puppies that will typically fall within the 15-25 pound range as adults. However, we do not guarantee the size (height or weight) that our puppies will grow to at maturity because they are a mixed breed and can inherit different genes from their parents. In one litter, we have had puppies that have matured to 15 pounds or less, while others have reached over 30 pounds mature. Other factors, such as diet, feeding frequency and exercise play a significant role in the growth and maturation of puppies.

The illustration below shows our average sizes in comparison to average human height, with our smaller dogs on the left (approximately 15 pounds) and our larger dogs on the right (approximately 30 pounds):

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When do I get to pick my puppy?

Puppies will be priced around five (5) weeks of age once we can determine eye colour fairly confidently and also their approximate adult size. We evaluate each puppy for breeding potential first and will place puppies on a Breeder’s Hold if they are being considered for future breeding purposes. We will also evaluate puppies and may assign them to specific families based on specific family/client needs and the puppy’s abilities or future use (for example, potential as a therapeutic dog, show dog, etc.). Puppies that are available for pet homes will be offered to our Wait List members in a predetermined order. Members of our Wait List will also have the option to change their selection to any puppies that are released from a Breeder Hold. Live video viewing of our puppies will be available to our clients. Any puppies that are not selected by our Wait List members will be made available to all other clients who have been approved through our Qualification Application.

Our females are only bred once or twice each year and we follow the recommendation of our vets and breed clubs as to the maximum number of litters our females will produce (usually 4-6 maximum). Although it is always our hope to place a puppy with you as soon as possible, due to the nature of dog breeding, pregnancies and gestation, and our commitment to producing the healthiest puppies possible from the healthiest mommas possible, there could potentially be a delay of 6-12 months or more before a puppy may become available.

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What will my puppy come with?

All of our puppies come with the following:

  1. Socialized with children, cats and dogs
  2. Early neurological stimulation and daily one-on-one attention
  3. Early training including litter box potty training on pellets and washable pads, as well as basic commands – Note: We are environmentally conscientious and we do not use puppy pee pads in our program
  4. Crate and leash work (if possible, age and weather permitted) prior to leaving
  5. Age-appropriate vaccinations (please note that vaccinations such as Rabies can only be done when the puppy is around 5-6 months of age (possibly earlier if traveling overseas) – this does not restrict travel within Canada and the USA – our vets can provide the documentation that your puppy will require).
  6. Regular deworming with products obtained from our veterinarians at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.
  7. Fecal panel including coccidia and giardia, microchip and veterinary health certificate.
  8. 30-Day Medical Insurance Coverage provided by Trupanion
  9. Lifetime Genetic Health guarantee against any breed-relevant genetic conditions for which the puppy’s sire and dam have been cleared through Embark DNA testing.
  10. Extended breeder health guarantee against genetic, health and developmental conditions for hips, elbows, patella, eyes and heart.
  11. Registration papers from the International Pomsky Association (IPA) or American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC).
  12. Puppy Care Package including food, blankets, toys, puppy pads and/or litter training bedding, and a checklist of important care dates (vaccination and deworming schedule).
  13. Lifetime breeder support
  14. Access to training and care resources on our website and a social community of dog owners and enthusiasts within our Ontario Pomsky Puppies Owners closed Facebook group.

How are your adult dogs and puppies cared for and raised?

We uphold an ethical breeding program that provides the best possible standards of health and care for our dogs and puppies. Our dogs are members of our family who live with our children in our homes, and are well socialized with other dogs, cats, and visitors. We strive to ensure our clients receive a happy, healthy puppy for life.

Still have more questions?

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